Monday, March 23, 2009

Blizzard anyone?

We had a beautiful weekend here in Wyoming. I had my doors open all weekend until 8:30 last night. Lily was loving being able to go in and out of her doggy door whenever she felt like it. This morning we woke up to a spring blizzard. These photos of it aren't very good as I'm not going to try to step outside into the 10 foot snowdrift that is up against our side door. At least you can see somewhat now. Earlier we couldn't see five feet in front of our window. Hope everyone else in enjoying some sun.....somewhere...all you Florida people out there! See what you are missing!

James was stuck at home today. He'll have to dig us out later tommorrow.

My mom made these mittens for me. She sent them to me a few weeks ago and she was so worried I wouldn't get the chance to wear them this year.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Week

Last week was spent staying with six teens (all siblings) while their mom and dad were out of town. After running them around to all their events I've decided that home schooling is the way to go!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Making Room for more Books

Tonight I spent the evening rearranging a few of my bookshelves to make room for my new books. When I was done, I realized that I did not have as many as I thought. I love my books. When I was younger I didn't like to read at all! So all you moms out there who have children who don't really like to read - there is Hope!

My Amazon order that came today

My books I found at Valu Villa today

Four of my bookshelves. They make the best decor and my living room has a very cozy feeling to it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just For You!

This cute little lady got an A+ on her history test
Who, oh who could she be
She's so smart
Where did she get it
I know where it's from,
She's Related to ME!

My niece informed me the other evening that I hadn't updated my blog in a this one is for you cutie! March has come in rather quickly and I'm working on finishing up so many winter projects such as painting my dollhouse, making bags, trying to get some rooms painted and some serious cleaning done. There always seems to be another project I want to add to the list. We've had beautiful weather here this week so I've managed to get quite a bit done. My mother turned sixty-six on Tuesday so my goal for the week was to try to have her bag I'm making for her done and shipped by Friday. I'm still not sure that is going to happen but I'm working my fingers to the bone. Perhaps I'll have to move that deadline to Monday of next week.