Wednesday, January 22, 2014


It is slow going in slow in getting projects done, figuring out my camera, trying to get the house organized.  I'm awaiting the summer months but trying not to let these short winter days fly by to fast.   I love my little piles of crochet projects I have around that I'm slowly working on.  I'm truly grateful for wonderful friends who always are so thoughtful and bought me those awesome snowman mugs.  You can't go wrong with two cups of hot chocolate.  Yes, sometimes I share a cup with the hubs but other times I hog them all to myself.
Say goodbye to Peter's long curl in the front.  Sunday I decided to chop it off so it was even with the rest of his crazy curls.  Now it can all grow crazy together.

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Sarah Tressia said...

It looks so cozy and charming at your home with your projects and sweeties!