Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Good Day

Today has been such a lovely day. It is sunny but not to hot. I continue to plant patches of grass here and there in my yard. HA! If it will only grow now so that every time it rains Lily can go out without getting mud on every inch of her. This morning James sent both of our mother's their mother's Day gifts. It sure feels good to have that marked off on my list! James spent the rest of the day painting one of our other back bedrooms. Apparently my painting skills weren't up to his standards from when I did the yellow room (come on, I only got a little paint on the trim, ceiling and carpet.) For lunch I made us tuna rollups and James said "these are so good". I just dump a couple of cans of tuna in a bowl and add mayo, celery, cheese and pickle relish. Then you just put it on a tortilla, roll it up and enjoy! They are so easy to make. Yesterday I was invited to a gal's house from church. There were two other girls there and we ate pizza while all their kids played. It was so nice to be included and I almost didn't go but they talked me into it. I'm so glad! It's fun to be around other Christian women and I've learned that all moms feel guilt and worry when it comes to their children. Every mom has something different that she feels guilty about. To all you moms out are not alone! I've never met a mother who wasn't constantly worried about their children...and I've been around a lot of moms. HA! Lily is taking a nap right now...she is zonked out by playing outside so much today. HA! Pray for my sister...she has a lot of packing etc. to do before they head out here on Sunday. And pray for my neice....she has a list of things she needs to finish for school before Friday. :)