Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Project

My little weekend project was a baby afghan and sweet little hat.
There is nothing sweeter than a little baby girl!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Farewell Summer 2011

                               It is time to say farewell to summer!  We are sad to leave the great memories behind but look forward to making  new ones.
Over the summer we did a lot of driving, threw a birthday bash for the kids in the family, visited lots of family and were blessed to see a dear friend get married.

We threw a big birthday bash at the lake. 
Our awesome party buckets we put together.

The hats and bunting I made for our rainbow party.

The kids had a blast!

Emma spent a lot of time swinging and doing a bit of dress up.

She loved the splash pad at the lake.

Our special friend, Sarah  got married and Emma and I were honored to be in her wedding.

Sarah and Matthew with their seven lovely children.

We spent a lot of time at grandma and grandpa's house.
Emma is trying on a sweater that grandma made for her.  It is beautiful!

Sweet Emma turned two and had a special party to celebrate.

We spent a lot of time snuggling and kissing.  :)

Emma loved heading out to grandpa's field to play and run around.

Emma playing her her new sand box that James built.  She is loving it.