Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hearts For My Sweethearts

Remember how I've been making hearts for the past month or so?  Well, I finally have them all finished.  I've been putting them in this little basket as I finish them.  
I just think they look so pretty.  Now to get them ready to ship out next week to all my little darling friends.
You can see how I put lovely little beads around the edge as I sewed them together...these are those little beads I kept dumping on the floor the other day.  I'll be glad to take a break from beads for a while.   :)

I made this blue & gold heart for my niece who loves ... University of Michigan.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Daybook....Week 4

Outside....warmer and in the 40's or 50's today.  I've noticed this week that it is getting lighter earlier.  I love it when the days start to get longer and the sun brightens the house in the early, early morning.

In the kitchen...No baking or cooking today.  On Wednesday I made meatballs, mashed potatoes and soup.   We'll have leftovers through the weekend.  I may make some rice for James to go with his meatballs since he is not a fan of mashed potatoes. 

What I have learned....not to set a jar of beads on my lap.  Last night I got up with the jar of beads on my lap and they went all over the floor. I forgot they were there!  After I got them cleaned up I put them on the couch next to me and not two minutes later, forgot they were there,  and knocked them on the floor again!  Yikes!  What a mess.  At this point all I could do was laugh at myself. 

Around the is still pretty quiet here.  Emma is still sleeping and I'm sipping on coffee.  I'm sure she'll be up soon and hungry.  She is not happy in the morning until she gets some food in her and then she is ready to play.

I'm thankful.....that my order from Hobby Lobby came yesterday so I can finish up my hearts and get them shipped out on Monday.  I also loved opening the big box of yarn I ordered.  I just love yarn!

What I am working on....this week I have been finishing up hearts, quilting and have made a hat.

Our busy week....It wasn't to bad.  On Monday James took Emma and I a couple hours north here to the social security office.  We went out to lunch to a pizza and pasta place and then headed to the candy store.  I couldn't stop talking about the candy store all through lunch.  I was so excited.  Yesterday Emma and I delivered a couple of meals and did a little visiting.  We were ready for naps when we got home.  

Plans for today....I will probably head to the store during nap time to get some milk and a few other items, do some crafting and crocheting.

A Picture to Share....My three sweethearts snuggled up on the couch.  We all love to snuggle!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Homemade Deodorant

Today I made my first batch of homemade deodorant.  It was so simple and quick.  

Here is the recipe I used today.  I used this particular recipe because it has the least amount of ingredients of recipes I found.  I like to start out with simple recipes and then experiment a bit more once I know what I'm doing and if I like it.

Here is another recipe that I will try later.  I've heard this works really well to!

Update - Tonight I tested the deodorant.  I perspire quite a bit when I walk on my treadmill and I've noticed how bad I smell when I get off.  I applied this tonight before walking and it works!  I don't stink!  Who knew something so natural and so good for you could work so well!

I purchase all my products except for the coconut oil from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Camo Stocking Hats

 I finished three camouflage stocking hats this weekend for three sweet boys.
I shouldn't call them sweet...I should call them tough and strong!  They would say, "that's more like it Aunt Theresa!" 
My three models would not sit still enough for me today to get all three together and it was hard enough to get Emma to sit still.  :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why I Love Winter

There is one reason why I really do love, love winter!
James actually slows down just enough to finish some projects that I would like done.

This is my new kitchen island he brought in right around Christmas time .  He had been working on it in his spare time since last March but finally decided to just get it finished in December.  I'm glad to because it was getting kind of dusty out in his garage and I was getting tired of waiting and waiting for it.  I think he did a great job and I just love how it looks in my kitchen.  

I told him I wanted some shelves in Emma's room to put her special animals, books and pretty things on.  He got these put up earlier in the week around the same time he finished the ceiling.   Yes, mom and dad, my ceiling is no longer hanging down.  ha!  

I'm very excited because I received my large order from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I can't wait to show you how to make  two new things I'll be adding in my routine: homemade deodorant and lip gloss.   I love my hand lotion and body butter that I've been making.  It's all I ever use now and it feels good knowing I'm using healthy, all natural and even edible ingredients on my skin.   I never have to worry about rubbing my body butter on Emma's dry fingers as she sticks them right back into her mouth.  Having avocado oil in it, I know it's good for her no matter where it goes.

Today with the weather what it has been, it has been a good day for Emma and I to stay in.  We were gone two days in a row and she was pretty tired today.  This morning she didn't wake up until after ten.  I had the door open and was doing things in the kitchen and I didn't think my sweet girl was ever going to wake up.  I guess not having naps the past two days caught up to her.
 I had plenty of time to do some crocheting before she woke up.  

Emma and I stayed in our pajamas all day today.  


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daybook...Week Three

Outside....Sunny with snow.  I'm glad the sun is out today because it has been a bit gloomy this week and I have been feeling quite sluggish.  In the 30's which is a heatwave!

In the bake cookies.  I love this recipe my sister gave me.  They have peanut butter and lots of sugar in them.   

What I have learned....natural peanut butter does not work for some recipes.  I made granola bars last week with natural and had to throw them out.  They did not taste good at all! 

Around the house.....James has a couple days off so he is home working on a project.  Emma is enjoying standing and watching him chit chatting away.  The dishwasher is running & the washer is going.  

What I'm drinking....decaf green tea with a tablespoon of coconut oil.  Coconut oil is suppose to boost your metabolism and mine sure could use a good boost.  ha!

I'm thankful......that James was home yesterday  working around the house.  I wasn't feeling all to well and it was good to have him here to help a little.  He also had time to head to the store and get me ice chocolate chip of course!   I was able to move but it was very slowly.  I'm thankful for a little girl that plays well during those times to.  :)

What I am making...hearts and more hearts.  I can't wait to show a picture of all I have done when they are all finished.  

Plans for the rest of the week.....We're going to head to MOPS tomorrow and do some visiting the rest of the week.  

On My Mind....Practicing forgiveness.  How many of us like to do this?  I certainly don't but once again my devotional book has challenged me.     We are suppose to bless and forgive those that are mean to us or speak unkindly to us.  I don't know about you but I just really don't "feel" like it sometimes.  According to scripture, it does not matter how we feel though.  We are suppose to do it by faith and be obedient.   We are to get down on our knees and pray for those who have offended us and keep praying until we feel no more anger.  We are suppose to ask blessings upon those.  
  "Bless them that curse you."  (Matthew 5:44)
"When He was insulted, He did not answer back with an insult; when he suffered, He did not threaten, but placed His hopes in God." (1 Peter 2:21-23)

A picture to share.....My parents will be so happy to see this.  ha!  We've had a little ceiling issue for about three years now.  I've been calling my contractor bugging him about it when he is doing other jobs.  He is finally getting to this job!  I'm so thrilled...not thrilled about the mess in the house but that's what vacuums are for.  :)    I'm also happy my hubby (the contractor) gets to spend some time with us.  I like him being around even if he is working on a project. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Heart Ornament

We are starting to love mornings around here.   Emma and I always love working in the kitchen and working on projects in the morning.

This morning I got my delightful cup of coffee and started working on a heart decoration.  You remember the hearts?  This is the same pattern. I sewed two of them together.  I wanted to use some beads I had and this was the result.

Emma sits and does some lacing while I work on my projects at the table next to her.  We have a great time.

It has finally warmed up a little here.  We ventured out with James and ran a few errands today and ran through Arby's for lunch.  You can't go wrong with a sandwich and curly fries from Arbys!   I'm sure it's not the most healthy meal we've had this week but it sure was yummy. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daybook....Week Two

Outside...This week it has been very, very frigid.  I text my mom, who lives in the south where it's warmer, that it's frigid but at least the sun is out.  The sun makes all the difference for me even with  it being so cold.

I'm thankful for.... heat!  I've gone out one time this week and have ran to the car in order to get out of the cold!  The roads were slippery when I ventured out so I also prayed that if I ended up in a ditch to let it be close to a nice, cozy, warm home.  ha!  Heat!  Yes, I'm thankful for heat.

In the kitchen....chocolate chip cookies.  I started a double batch yesterday that I need to finish baking today.  I like to make enough to put in the freezer.  James takes them in his lunch so he goes through them quickly.

What we are listening to....Disney's Children's Favorites Record.  The other day I got out my record player and a couple records that I used to listen to when I was little.  I'm thankful they only skip a couple of times.  Emma enjoys listening to this record and dancing to it and I've been singing the songs to her.  I love "The Hokey Pokey."

What I'm I am making body butter.  Tomorrow will be laundry detergent.  I always seem to run out of things at the same time.

What I'm with a new kind of creamer I thought I would try...white chocolate caramel latte.  It's pretty yummy!

This morning Emma has.....danced, colored, laced and trace with her shapes and had some oatmeal.

On my mind...this week I have been trying something new that I read in my devotional book...not to think about finishing something because then you feel overwhelmed.  Just start  a project and eventually you'll get it done.  So, this week instead of feeling overwhelmed thinking about what I would like to finish I have been just starting them.  It's actually helped me accomplish quite a bit.

Around the house....the kitchen is clean, Daisy and Lily are barking and Emma is playing quietly.

A picture to share...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crochet Hearts

Here is the pattern for the crochet hearts I have been making.

I have put together quite a few for garland.  I'm also making smaller hearts with soft yarn to sew on hair barrettes.  I think the possibilities for these hearts are endless!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cozy Weekend

It was to cold out for us to venture out to much this weekend so we stayed in our cozy little home.

What to do?  
Perhaps, a little baking.....

crocheting sweet hearts...

crocheting some special items for some sweet boys out of camouflage yarn...

helping Emma write some love letters...

and more letters....

and of course, doing some serious playing. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Finding The Balance

     I don't know about anyone else but when I start something new sometimes I get going and eventually after a month or so it "fizzles" away.  It was to hard or to much work.  I've been reading nutrition books on Endometriosis and many things I know but I'm learning lots of new things from them to.   To change everything I eat would be a lot of work especially since the list of things I shouldn't be having is very long.  Some of the things I'm not suppose to have such as coffee and chocolate...well, those are two of my favorite things.
     I'm all about moderation as long as it is not making me ill.  I know when I've had to much coffee or soda.  The affects of it can cause me a lot of pain which is why I'm careful not to have say, three cups of coffee a day.    I've decided since reading through so many books and trying to educate myself on ways that I can feel even better and have more energy this year, I would work on my nutrition. I sure could use some more energy which is something I've lacked from having this disease throughout my life.  Notice how I say "nutrition" and not "diet".  I prefer to think of this not as a diet because quite frankly, that implies that I'm trying to lose weight and who needs that pressure. 
    The past two weeks I have added decaf green tea into my diet.  I also add about a tablespoon of coconut oil in the first cup I drink.   Both are very beneficial for women with endo.  The coconut oil also helps with food cravings which is an added benefit!   I'm hoping that eventually I will crave and love the decaf green tea so much that I can phase out the cup of coffee I love waking up to in the morning.
     So, what have I learned while adding these two things into my daily routine?  First, not to drink three cups of tea in the evening otherwise I will be up a lot during the night running to the bathroom. ha!  Sometimes I tend to go overboard and have to remind myself about moderation.   Second, is to just add one or two things at a time so that I don't feel overwhelmed.   This way,  it will become a lifestyle habit and not a chore.    I don't need to add anymore chores to my "to do" list!  ha!

     Sweet Emma playing with a toy that I played with when I was little.  I sure am glad my mom and dad saved some of our toys.  She just loves this so much!  

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Torn Sheets

     Yesterday I washed sheets.  Exciting, I know!  I always wait for James to get home to help me put the sheets back on the bed.  Maybe it's laziness or maybe it's just because it goes faster when two people put them back on...whatever it is, I always wait.
     I have two sets of sheets, both of which were given to me.  My sister gave me a lovely flannel set and my mom gave me  another lovely cotton set.  I won't tell you how many years ago they gave them to me.  Let me just say that I have never bought a set of sheets.   I must also tell you that they gave them to me because they had bought new sheets for they are true and used hand-me-downs.
     Last night James was helping me put the fitted sheet on when he noticed a huge rip that made a huge hole right in the middle.  We both laughed!  I have no idea how the sheet got such a big hole in it.  I can tell my mom that her sheets got good use!  I pulled out the flannel sheets that my sister gave me out of the cupboard and decided we'd just use that set instead.  We got the bottom sheet put on and when James was helping me spread the top one on what did he see?  It was another big hole! 
     This is finally when James stopped and looked at me and said, "don't you think we can afford some new sheets?"  This is where my brilliant idea came in.  I told him that we would just use the good bottom one and good top one.  After we got the bed made I even came out to the computer to look at sheets on Amazon.  I was going to buy a pair.  Oh, wouldn't my mom be proud!  I have issues when it comes to money.  I'm a saver for the most part and lets face it, sheets are not the most exciting thing to buy.  I couldn't decide what kind of sheets I wanted.  Who knew there were so many decisions when buying them.  So I turned off my computer and went to bed.  I crawled in my cozy bed and decided I didn't need  to buy sheets because my two mismatched ones were just perfect.  
     So mom, if you are reading this make sure you and dad buy a new set of sheets by the next time I come home.  I may need some new hand-me-downs.  ha!
     Now onto my next dilemma.  Do I keep the torn sheets and use the material for something or do I throw them away?  Whatever I decide, I know I won't wait around to ask the hubby because he likes to keep everything.

Update on Christmas tree lights -  I went to Wal-mart looking for what James told me I needed not knowing what that really was.  They are still strung across my floor.  I have decided to just put them in a separate box and hopefully if I remind him enough he will get what I need to work on them during the year before the next holiday season otherwise next year, I may just have to pitch them and buy new ones...hopefully James forgets I write this.  ha!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Daybook...Week One


I am thinking....Emma and I will head out to find what I need to fix these Christmas tree lights so I can get them packed up and off my floor.  Maybe we'll head to the library and take some bread to a friend.

Around the house...Emma is drinking from her sippy cup, running around and chit chatting.  Daisy and Lily are sitting on the couch curled up next to me.

One of my favorite to wake up and have a cup of coffee with french vanilla creamer.  I love french vanilla.  I always look at the other creamers at the store but the french vanilla is the one that always ends up coming home with me.

I am thankful friendships with girls who love to create like I do.

Outside my window...sunny but chilly.  Some snow here and there.

What I'm creating....crochet heart garland.

I am going to...make cookies from a cake mix later today.

I am thankful for...a mom who finally learned how to text.  Now we chat all the time.

A picture to share....Emma is practicing sitting still while I do her hair.  Sometimes when she gets tired in the late mornings she likes to sit on my lap while I run a brush through her hair.  This is a picture of some twists I put in her hair with a pony tail.  It's not perfect but at least she is learning to be patient with me. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Unmotivated Start to the New Year

I don't know about anyone else, but I had a hard time getting motivated today.  Maybe it's because I've been in my pajamas for about two weeks.  During that time I think I left the house maybe twice.   That's right.  I only left the house two times and it was so delightful.  I'm really not one for venturing out during the holiday madness.  Truth be told, maybe if I lived in a warmer climate I would venture out more,  but my bones get so cold when the temperature drops below twenty degrees.  Yikes!
I woke up this morning not knowing what I wanted to begin doing.  Did I want to organize, sweep, dust, get rid of my recycling or take down some of my Christmas decorations?
I decided to tackle the tree.  I knew it would take some time because I'm just not that motivated.  I was happy when all my ornaments were put away nice and tidy like.
My next step was lights.  Oh the lights.  What a pain!  Did I really have the energy to keep going?  I grabbed my tea, took a big gulp and continued.
I pretend that it's a big energy drink.  It's not really but I can pretend.
So now, what is stranded across my living room floor? Ten strands of lights.  I had this brilliant idea.  I was going to make sure that each and every strand worked before I put them away.  Out of ten strands, eight need to be checked that have several lights out. 
Being the good wife I am, I waited until James came home and asked his advice.
I knew what he was going to say.  I could throw them away, pitch them, be rid of them and save myself the work of checking every stinking bulb.
But, hubby has a different idea.  
That would be wasteful.  
So tomorrow my lights will continue to be strung across my floor.  At least I can put two strands away.
I will be the good wife and go through every one.  Next time though, I may just have to pitch them before asking.  :)  

I sent a text to my mom the other day reminding her that Valentines Day was soon to be here.
Sometimes she sends us boxes of candy hearts.  I want to make sure she sends Emma one for me.
That's right...just for me!  I love candy and candy hearts are great because they aren't to hard and just right to chew on.
  I tell James all the time that we should own a candy store.
Apparently he thinks that would be silly because we would never make a profit.
He seems to think I would eat the candy up!  

Speaking of V Day coming up...this is a little something I've been working on.
Sweet, little crocheted Valentines Hearts...they are so cute!  The possibilities for them are endless.

Emma love hanging out under the kitchen table these days.
It's like her little fort.