Friday, October 30, 2009


My great-aunt, mother, grandmother, aunt, sisters, cousin and me.

The women in the family always have to have a reason for a party! This was our doll birthday party. The reason this time - Rachael's Birthday (my great-aunts doll). What a blast!!! I know a few of you are getting some good chuckles looking at these photos. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daisy - the bone stealer.....

Every time we give Lily and Daisy new bones to chew, Daisy just wants to take Lily's from her. We always have to give Lily back the bone that her sister took.

"Give me your bone...I'm gonna pull on your leg until you give it to me."

"I want your bone even though mom gave me one's not the same as the one she gave you."

"Come on...hand it over."

"Mom, can't I have Lily's bone?"

"I'm just so sad that you won't give me her bone."

"I'm just gonna be sad the rest of the afternoon now."

Lily enjoying her bone. :)

"Okay mom, if you insist on blinding me with the camera I'm gonna roll over on my back."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hair Cuts

Lily and Daisy got their hair cuts today. They were so worn out after. The ladies that took care of them said they were the sweetest dogs. I didn't inform them that they get rocked and snuggled all day. I wouldn't say they are spoiled at all...would you? ha.

Daisy just loves giving Lily kisses.

They aren't to thrilled to ride in the car with me because they never know where they are going. I wish I could tell them where I was taking them and they'd understand. They love to both sit on my lap while I drive. The other night I was coming home from a friends house and they were curled up together on my lap. Daisy was zonked out snoring. They crack me up!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Material and Food

I buy fat quarters at the quilt store downtown to make the table top quilts I am making. These are two that I bought last week. I just love them & I love buying fat quarters because they fit my budget. When I got this fabric home I realized it didn't go with the quilts I was making so I'm just going to have to go back to the store and get some more. There sure is some beautiful material.

I know the stripes & flowers go together but I'm not sure about the blue in the picture below.

I love the fall decor but I don't have a lot of it. I wanted something simple and pretty for my kitchen table so I put an ivory tablecloth my sister gave me on it. Then I found a fall napkin I had to place in the middle with 3 tea light candles. I love how they melt down right into the gold dish. It makes the kitchen and home seem cozy and comfy which is nice considering how cold it has been here.

Tonight for dinner we had red pepper risotto and olive cheese bread. I put this photo up for my sister just so she knows I'm not just a "short order cook" and she'll come to visit so I can cook more for her. I got both these recipes from this website I didn't have all the ingredients for either recipe so I just used what I had and I don't think it hurt either recipe. For the olive cheese bread I only made half a batch and I put the spread on whole wheat bread thinking that makes it a bit healthier... don't you think? ha.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

Today I made Taco Pie. It is one of my favorite and easy meals to make. I often take this if I have to take a meal someplace. My mom started making this for us when I was in high school. It's been on the menu ever since.

Taco Pie
-slap a tube of crescent rolls on the bottom of a greased pie pan
-brown 1 lb of hamburger meat
-add taco seasoning to the meat....i just dump some in
-layer meat, cheese, sour cream and then tortilla chips on top of rolls.
you can omit the sour cream and serve it on the side. when I was in high school mom used to put taco doritos on top. those are yummy to.
You just can't go wrong with this recipe
bake in the oven at 350 for about 1/2 hour

Many of you have asked if I did a nursery over the summer when we were suppose to adopt a little guy that fell through. I did do a little decorating so the following is some pictures of what I did. My mother made the wall quilt and the blankets hanging over the bed.

The wall quilt. I love the fabrics and colors mom used.

I love this quilt that I put on the end of the crib.

Jame's cousin sent me the bumper pad. She was so thoughtful and sewed on "Jesus Loves Me" on it.

Jame's grandma made the baby hat and sweater. I just laid it in the crib because it looks so pretty.
Next to it are some blankets that Jame's mom made.

And just in case we do end up with a little girl I do have some little girl stuff that mom made while she was here so it won't be to hard if I have to switch it all to a pink.

A quilt my mom made I will hang on the wall if we end up with a girl.

We never really got ready for a baby before this. I'm just going to let it all stay and continue to wait for God's perfect timing and little one He has for us. Boy, sometimes I think He is really trying to teach me a lesson on patience. :)

I stayed up until 2 am this morning finishing this doll hat I was made for my niece for Christmas. It is the first one I did and the flower was a bit difficult to make. After trying to follow directions and not being able to figure them out I just made up my own. I'm going to make another one for my niece to wear but will make it pink with a hot pink flower. I realized after I got it done I should have done the flower pink and the hat green...oh well, that's what happens the first time you make something.

My Funny Day
I was doing so good this morning. I got up and went to church to help my friend put birthday bags together for the kids. After I left I was able to get all the other running done I needed to. I knew that tonight we were under a snow advisory and I don't like going out in this weather. So all was going well. A nap was worked in during the afternoon and taco pie was out of the oven by the time James woke up.
It was going so well and then....Daisy jumped on my lap and jumped right into my coffee that I was holding. Both her front paws fit perfectly in my cup. :) Can't say I've ever had that happen before.
James left and I was getting ready to go to church tonight. He ran out of gas on his way to work! So....I had to go get him and do you know what??? I have to wake up at 5am tomorrow morning to go get him after it has snowed all night, while we are under this advisory which is exactly what I was trying my best to avoid. Of course he felt bad but I just told him it was okay and next time could he please, please do this in the summer...not when I have to get up and clean the snow off my car...chilly! I'm going to have to get some long johns this year because it is going to be a long winter if it keeps this up.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today I made these heavenly french breakfast puffs. They are so yummy! My sister told me I had to try them as they are close to the greasy donuts we used to get at the apple orchard in
Michigan. You can find the recipe at this site.

I'm working on table top quilts. I'm going to see how many I can get done by Christmas. The lower one is the first one I did with help from my mom doing the border for me. :) The second one looks so much better. I love them! They are so easy and fast to put together.

My mom and dad were here in September. They did a little decorating and mom did tons of sewing. Here are some pictures of what she did to my back bedroom. I call it my cozy little haven to go to when James is sleeping during the days.

She finally figured out what to do with all the Mary Engelbreit pictures from my calenders I've been holding onto for many years. They bought cork boards, dad stapled some material on it and mom rearranged the pictures just so and glued them on. For a final touch she glued a boarder around the edge. Aren't they just the cutest?

I couldn't have a post without a photo of the dogs! Yes, they both need to have haircuts. :) I sure am glad I have these two rascals! :)