Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Week

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from last week.

Emma and her friend, we didn't get another dog. This is my friend Ami's big furry ball of love! He is such a nice dog and Emma had a great time pulling at his face and getting close. :)

Emma, James and Daisy one evening after James got home from work.

Emma just being happy. Emma turned 6 months old last Sunday. She had her 6 month checkup last week and weighs 14 lbs 11 oz. We were there for over an hour...I think the nurse, receptionist and doctor just like to keep us there so they can love on Emma. The nurse said "I just want your baby" when I told her she could adopt and get a cute baby like Emma. ha! It was cute! Emma got two shots and hardly made a peep...I was ready for the screaming but it never happened.

Emma and Lily sure do keep me on my toes.
Lily loves giving Emma kisses and Emma loves pulling on Lily's hair.

Emma had solids for the first time this week. We have been giving her a half avocado every evening. She seems to like least I think so since she is eating it. I fed her the first night but James did the second night. This is James feeding her in the above photo. He is better at letting her help...ha...I prefer not to have any mess when I feed her. :)

One of Daisy's favorite spots is Jame's legs.

And what is Lily doing in Emma's play pen you ask???? Sometimes Lily just won't get out of her face she just loves her so much. I finally got tired of it. I didn't want to put Lily in her crate because it is in the back room and I want her to be with I plopped her in the pack-n-play. She is pretty content in it.

We went and had coffee with Mrs. H one day. She took this photo of Emma and me for my mom.

Emma did a little bit of crawling this week. I really think she would just like to skip crawling altogether and go to walking. ha!

Emma sends a smile and kiss to all her family and friends!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My New Reason for Taking Photos

I take a LOT of pictures these days...:) I've always got the camera close by and carry it all over the place with me. Here are just a few from the past couple of days of my Emma.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Note To My Niece

Just a quick note to this sweet, beautiful little girl who's phone call I keep missing! I'm sorry sweet thing!!! Aunt Theresa needs to turn her phone up during the day. :)

You are never far from our thoughts....Emma is wearing the sleepers that you wore when you were just a sweet, little baby! I've been saving them all this time. I love having her wear them.

I love how Lily looks in this royal and proper!
This striped pink and orange sleeper was one of my favorites that I saved from when my niece was little. I was so excited that it finally fits!

My New Steamer

My new steamer came yesterday that I ordered last week. I was so thrilled to get it hoping that it would make my bathroom easier to clean. Well, I'm proud to say that today my shower and shower glass doors look just as clean as the day we moved in. Now this is not to say that I still didn't have to use a little elbow I most certainly did but this made the job oh so much easier. I hate cleaning shower doors and never seem to be able to get them clean. With some vinegar, baking soda and this, my shower looks 100 percent better. I can't wait until next week when I clean the inside of my stove and my furniture! I'm ready to get my spring cleaning going here and this will make the tasks not so exhausting...I don't have enough energy without the right equipment anymore. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Emma and her Shapes

Emma got these at Christmas from her foster mom and dad....Heather and Evan. I got them out of the box the other day. She loves playing with them! I also love her new little sleeper with the ladybugs on them that she received at her baby shower. You really can't go wrong with pink and ladybugs. :)

Do you ever have random thoughts like I do? The other day when I took these pictures I wondered how cool it would be if we could go through a drive thru and order "hair". Yup, that's right....a drive thru order for lovely beautiful hair. All I would have to say is "i would like an order of Emma's hair please." ha ha!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Gift from Grandma C

Emma wants to thank Grandma C for sending her this cute outfit! She loves it and it's so comfy to roll and move all over in! ha.
Emma loves to smile but when I get my camera out she gets very serious. Does anyone else have this problem I wonder? We are still laying low around here so I can slowly get over this cough. Today we are making a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and doing a little bit of laundry.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Adventures of Lily and Daisy

These two crazy girls got out of the fence yesterday and had a great Valentine's Day treat of roaming the neighborhood. We figured out that Lily jumped over the fence (which was quite a jump for her) and Daisy worked on digging a hole under. I told James I wouldn't be surprised if they take to do the digging and the other to lookout for me...ha! They are sneaky and I always know when they are out because it suddenly gets pretty quiet in the back yard. Daisy just can't seem to keep up with Lily so she always runs back to me.

Lily decided to head up the road. It's a good thing she knows her way home to the back door. :) I'm never sure what all they get in to and really don't want to know. ha!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wrapping Up The Week

It has been an uneventful week here at our house. I have had a cough/cold all week so we have stayed in for the most part. There is one advantage to having a cold and not feeling well and that is I let myself eat as much mint chocolate chip ice cream as my tummy can handle. ha! Emma doesn't mind staying in either...she is happy as can be just to play, play, play. On Thursday she started rolling from her back to her tummy and can get up on her hands and knees now. She wants to crawl but just can't quite get coordinated enough yet so she just throws herself forward with her legs. It's so funny.

Lily likes to be right next to Emma...she hogs her blanket.

Emma, Daisy and Lily

Emma just loves her fingers...sometimes I think she would be happy with just having them for toys...ha!

Emma and Lily.....I sure do love to cuddle them both!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Church Shower

Last weekend the women at church threw Emma and me such a nice baby shower. We had such a wonderful time and Emma was loved on.
My girlfriend Ami sat next to me and it was very hard for me to sit up in front with everyone's eyes on me....but she made it easier.

Emma with some friends

Ami, Emma and me behind a wonderfully delicious cake that a sweet gal made.
She made it all chocolate just for me.

Penny and Emma. Penny took all the photos for me. She did an awesome job and got some great shots.

Emma and me

They make some of the sweetest little outfits for little girls. I just love this outfit with the purse right on the shirt. You just can't go wrong.

When we were in Florida a couple months back my sister-in-law was expecting a baby. She was given a baby shower and when she got home she put everything on her couch and took pictures of it all. I thought that was a really nifty idea so I did the same thing. Now my mom and family can see some of the things that I received from the shower. As you can was quite a bit. :) I decided to spread it out and do two photos.