Friday, February 4, 2011

Daybook....Week 5

Outside...much warmer today than earlier in the week but a bit cloudy today.

In the kitchen...I haven't been in the kitchen at all today.  Tonight we are having leftover mac and cheese with chicken in it that I made yesterday.  I made a huge batch of it so it should last us a couple days.

Around the house...I am watching a movie and Emma is playing.  The dogs are both zonked out next to me.  

Today....we went shopping to get groceries and other items that were on the list.  We went to five different places including the library.  We got lots of food so that if I didn't want to have to leave the house for another two weeks I don't have to.  We also stopped at the jewelry store to buy some cleaner for my rings that were looking pretty yucky.

Picture to share...
My wonderful yarn order that came last week.  I'm doing something wonderful with them and love it so far!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Cold Week So Far....

We are able to stay busy at home when we are unable to venture out because it is to cold out!  I prefer staying home anyways.  :)
Boy, has it been way to cold to go anyplace!  Below zero....that's to cold even bundled up!
Although James did inform me last night that he prefers this cold to the heat we get in the summer.  I do take into consideration though that he is a man and let's face it, most men are kind of different.  ha! 
We've done plenty of playing this week.
Emma enjoys cuddling with her doll.

I built her a little fort and she loved playing in it.

I got out an empty box that she loves to climb on and in.
She loves walking around with blankets wrapped around her head.
Lily and Daisy have wanted some serious snuggles this week to stay warm to.