Monday, March 11, 2013

Being Silly With A Friend

Yesterday was the warmest day we've had here in months.  Emma saw the neighbors outside and quickly got on her shoes and coat.  She met her friend, J, at the fence and they sure did chit chat for a while.  Eventually he leaped over the fence to play (with a little help from his sister).  ha!  They had a great the mud.  I tried to just not think about the mess I would be cleaning up later.  Thankfully it only got on there shoes.  
They were ready to come in after some time on the swing set and have some good old macaroni and cheese and do some serious laughing while both of their mama's had a good visit and try to keep them from their sneaky, silly ways.  
I'm glad Emma and I have neighbors we can have in no matter how messy our home is.  We've been blessed with good neighbors who have become sweet, wonderful friends.  Now if we can only keep these two little ones out of trouble!

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