Sunday, March 10, 2013

Road Trip

Last week we went on a little road trip and ended up two hours away from home to get Peter's social security number.  It's nice walking into places here and not having to stand in all.  I went right in and got a number.  Little did I know, my number was already up.  No one was in line in front of me and nobody came in behind me.
We stopped at a few shops but most of our time was spent in the car.  Peter got a little break and played with Jame's beard.  He has a really good grip!  Emma took a serious nap.  All that riding made her tired.  When we got home she headed to get her pajamas on right away.  Thankful for nieces that give her such pretty hand me downs that she just loves!

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Sarah Tressia said...

Lovely view on your drive!