Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Visit With Sarah and Ramona

We have been able to visit with so many people this week. These are photos of our visit with Sarah and Ramona. We love them so much! They make me the best lunch, serve me wonderful tea and make yummy desserts that water in my mouth. Who knew that sea salt could taste so wonderful with chocolate?
Sarah made the dress and hat that Emma is wearing. She also made me a lovely bag.
Oh how I miss having tea with them on a regular basis.
They tell me interesting, educational and fun books to read.
We have interesting conversations about all my crazy questions regarding the Bible.
They give me perspective.
They keep me grounded...I'm kind of flighty sometimes.

We write a lot of letters back and forth....hand written letters. Do you know how fun it is to get a hand written letter in the mail? It does not happen these days very often. Something about e-mail I guess. ha!

Thanks for the great time Sarah and Ramona!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Dream

My niece was riding in the car with my mom & dad last Sunday after church. They had their windows rolled down and she was chit chatting away. She put her hands in the air and said "I'm living the dream". How many six year old's do you know say that? She was just so thrilled to see her cousin Emma. They just adore each other!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just a Regular Tuesday

Daisy and I have a special relationship.
I used to run from dogs when I was younger. Remember that mom?
Now I can look on it and laugh but I used to be terrified.

Daisy really wishes I would put my camera down once in a while.
Between Daisy, Lily and Emma my camera is always close by.

"stop taking pictures of me!"

This morning I was talking to my niece on the phone. I told her I was worried about Daisy who was sitting on my lap. She had the shivers something terrible.
My niece was thoughtful enough to point out to her aunt that perhaps she needed a sweater on since her hair got chopped off yesterday. Wow! That thought would not have clicked in my brain. Thanks niece. It did the trick and she was cozy all day.

Who needs toys when you can chew on a plastic spoon? Toys are all over the floor yet Emma would rather just have this spoon. She loves it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Haircuts for My Sweeties

Today my sweet Lily and Daisy had haircuts. I'm sure I was quite a sight walking in the groomers with Emma in one arm and two little dogs nervously following (or leading depending on the moment) on their leash. My poor girls. I hated to leave them but it must be done as every mother to a dog knows.
Good thing I have a big lap because they so needed my snuggles after and both curled up on it on the way home. They were just exhausted!
Emma and I did a little visiting while we were out and about today and of course went to our favorite, Wal-Mart.

Daisy had a ton of hair chopped off. I don't realize how petite she is with all the hair. She is about the size of a newborn baby. Oh, I just love it!

And of course pictures of Emma from today. We are loving this warmer weather.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Weekend

Our weekend here was just lovely. There was no snow! It warmed up enough to leave the door open so Daisy and Lily could go in and out of their doggy door freely. They sure do love going in and out a LOT! There are always exciting things going on outside that they don't want to miss such as neighbor kids playing outside, the horses next door, a stray dog or cat wandering around, a car or dirt bike going up the road not to mention every truck that goes down the road. They both seem to think that the fence will magically disappear so that they can continue to chase after cars going down the road. Their favorite time of the day is around 4:00 when the school bus goes by and drops the kids off up the hill. They go crazy when they see that big yellow bus.

I have decided that if nothing else grows in my garden this year at least my chives came up. I had a little today and they taste wonderful!

Every night that James is home he snuggles Emma after her last bottle. I'm not sure I'd actually say they "snuggle". I'll let you be the judge from the photos below. I would call it more of a play time myself. Ha!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Miss Curly Q

James calls Emma Miss Curly Q. She always has a curl or two in her hair.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Videos of Emma

Lots of people have asked me to upload some video of Emma. Hope you enjoy. :)

Rainy Day Monday

It has been such a rainy Monday. Praise the Lord that He made yesterday beautiful so that today was not to terrible to get through. Sometimes when it rains to much the blues set in. We took a nice nap this afternoon and it was so relaxing to listen to the rain pitter patter on the roof. It reminded me of being back home where it rains more often. It also reminded me of fall weather and I thought to myself "I better get thinking about Christmas." Wrong time of the year!
Everyone back home always wants to know what I'm reading and listening to. I figured since it was a rainy day here it was a great day to do some reading and music listening while I made James meatballs and rice. By the way, Mrs. C has the best meatball recipe that she shared with me. I'll have to do a post at a later date with that recipe.
Emma and I are listening to Michael Buble today.

I'm currently reading this book which I'm really enjoying. I always can't wait to pick up where I left off. I could easily sit up all night reading this through. It leaves you wanting to know more but does not leave me with any creepy feelings. I do not like creepy books. :)

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a such a good weekend. Yesterday it was so beautiful out. Saturday evening James took us out to eat at a Chinese restaurant in town. After dinner we headed to the only place we knew where to go shopping...Wal-mart of course! It was such a great date night with our Emma.
Emma's second tooth on the bottom is starting to come in. She sure is getting around. :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shopping Day

James asked me what I would like for Mother's Day. I told him I would really enjoy having a morning to go shopping while he takes care of Emma. Since my choices of stores here are very limited and I don't really love to shop all that much I knew it wouldn't take me to long. I found several pair of jeans, a couple of capri pants and some bermuda shorts. My favorite place to go is Maurices.
Here are a couple things I found.

Plaid top- so me and it really is darling.

On my way out of the store I noticed this picture and thought to myself "that is a really cute little dress" so I took it up to the register and just bought it without trying it on. I was tired of trying things on at that point. I brought it home and tried it on for James and he thinks it is just darling.
My niece would be proud of me because I also bought a couple of necklaces to go with my outfits.

I also want to add that this season every thing in Maurices is 100 percent cotton. Nothing has the spandex in it so I had to go two sizes up from the size I was in last year. At first I came out of the dressing room a bit shocked and then the sales lady told me that....whew, it threw me into a panic. I knew I had gained a little weight but when I couldn't get into the size larger from what I was in last year even over my thighs I got a little distraught. ha!
I also found some great jeans at K-mart that were on sale. I bought two of the exact kind so I would not have to try jeans on for a while. Who likes trying on jeans? Yuck!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3 Things That Make My Heart FLUTTER




Today we ordered new flooring for our family room and kitchen area. I'm very excited. It is the main area that the dogs are in and carpet just doesn't hold up well here in dirt country. Now James just has to put it on his schedule...ha! We'll see if it's done by fall.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Crazy Monday

My crazy Monday consisted of baking bread, making a double batch of chocolate chip cookies, making hand lotion and running after Emma all day. :) Guess I wouldn't really call that to crazy!

Emma loves exploring!

Today has been the most nice we've had in a while and is suppose to be the only nice day this week. It was so nice to open up the house and the dog's door. They love going in and out of it freely all day. Today Emma found the door!

Emma loves to stand!

This afternoon we took James lunch. He was working down the road so Emma and I had a nice little walk. The below picture is a bag that my mom made. I wanted her to see that I'm using it. We took his lunch in it today. It worked perfectly!

Our Sping So Far

Spring is quickly passing and I look forward to some warmer weather but it looks as though that won't be for another week or so. We have had snow, rain and lots of wind the past couple of weeks. The wind makes it difficult for me to do anything. Last week Emma and I went to the store and when I opened side door to our home it flew open. I had to use my whole body to shut it. I'm sure I was a funny sight.
So we've been hanging around the house a lot playing, reading and napping.


Emma loves her feet. In the photo below you can just see her bottom tooth coming in.